Research Paper

Journal of Nanoparticle Research

, 11:647

First online:

Structural fluctuations in ensembles of nanoparticles

  • D. VollathAffiliated withNanoConsulting Email author 
  • , F. D. FischerAffiliated withMontanuniversität Leoben, Institute of Mechanics

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Caused by the interaction between the particles, structural fluctuations influence thermodynamics and order of transformation of an ensemble of nanoparticles. A stringed thermodynamic analysis revealed that, in fluctuating ensembles, the ratio of particle numbers in the equilibrium over the one in the non-equilibrium phase is independent of any metastable in between. Structural transformations in such ensembles, connected to latent heat, are of infinite order. These findings are summarized in a set of theorems ruling structural fluctuations. Finally, the consequences of fluctuations are demonstrated by an example.


Nanocrystalline material Transformation Non-equilibrium phase Thermodynamics Fluctuation Theory Modeling