, Volume 10, Issue 1 Supplement, pp 243-248
Date: 13 Jun 2008

A comparative evaluation of the photocatalytic and optical properties of nanoparticulate ZnO synthesised by mechanochemical processing

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In this study, mechanochemical processing has been used to manufacture a nanoparticulate powder of ZnO with a controlled particle size and minimal hard agglomeration. The suitability of this ZnO powder for use as either a photocatalyst or an optically transparent UV-filter was evaluated by comparing its optical and photocatalytic properties with those of three commercially available powders that were synthesised by chemical precipitation and flame pyrolysis. The ZnO powder synthesised by mechanochemical processing was found to exhibit high optical transparency and low photocatalytic activity per unit of surface area, which indicates that it is suitable for use in optically transparent UV-filters.