, Volume 16, Issue 3, pp 291-308
Date: 01 Nov 2006

Aero-servo-elastic modeling and control of wind turbines using finite-element multibody procedures

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In this paper, we report on our ongoing research in the area of aeroelastic modeling and control of wind turbine generators. At first, we describe a finite-element-based multibody dynamics code that is used in this effort for modeling wind turbine aeroelastic systems. Next, we formulate an adaptive nonlinear model-predictive controller. The adaptive element in the formulation enables the controller to correct the deficiencies of the reduced model used for the prediction, and to self-adjust to changing operating conditions. In this work, we verify the performance of the controller when the solution of the prediction problem is obtained by means of a direct transcription approach. The tests conducted on gust response and turbulent wind operations provide some benchmark results against which to compare the performance of a real-time neural controller currently under development.