, Volume 110, Issue 1-2, pp 11-27
Date: 24 Nov 2012

Electron Pitch-Angle Diffusion by ECH Waves in Earth and Jupiter Magnetospheres: Contribution to Diffuse Auroral Precipitation

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Pitch-angle diffusion coefficients of electrons have been calculated for resonant interaction with electrostatic electron-cyclotron harmonic (ECH) waves using quasi linear diffusion theory. Calculations have been performed for the planets Earth and Jupiter at three radial distances for each planet. Electron precipitation fluxes have also been calculated and compared with observed fluxes. At Earth, electrons of energy ≤200 eV may be put on strong diffusion at L = 10. At lower L values, observed ECH wave amplitudes are insufficient to put electrons on strong diffusion. At Jupiter, electrons can be put on strong diffusion at all L values. However, the energy of electrons which may be put on strong diffusion decreases from about 1 keV at L = 7 to ~100 eV at L = 17. It is concluded that ECH waves may be partly responsible for diffuse auroral precipitation of low energy electrons at Jupiter for lower L values. At Earth contribution of ECH waves to diffuse aurora is quite small.