, Volume 44, Issue 3, pp 261-262
Date: 24 Aug 2011

Introductory remarks

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Calvin O. Schrag organized a panel on John Wild entitled “The Origins of SPEP: Remembering John Wild” for the Forty-Sixth Annual Conference of the Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy in 2007 in Chicago, hosted by DePaul University with Northwestern University. The panel, which was held in the morning of November 9 as Morning Session 2, was divided into two parts. Part 1 was devoted to The Promise of Phenomenology: Posthumous Papers of John Wild, which had been edited by Richard L. Sugarman and Roger B. Duncan and published by Lexington Books in 2006. For this section there were two speakers: Alan Paskow (St. Mary’s College) and John K. Roth (Claremont University), both of whom were students of Wild at Yale University; Sugarman and Duncan were two respondents. Part 2 was on “John Wild and the Origins of SPEP,” which was moderated by Schrag (Purdue University) who was a student of Wild at Harvard University. The speakers were Robert C. Scharff who was a student of Wild a ...