, Volume 92, Issue 2, pp 643-648
Date: 26 Jan 2008

On the stability of extremely diluted aqueous solutions at high ionic strength

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An extensive study has been carried out on extremely diluted aqueous solutions (EDS). These solutions revealed a really intriguing physico-chemical behaviour, characterized by multiple independent variables. Because of their behaviour, EDS can be described as far-from-equilibrium systems, capable of self-organization as a consequence of little perturbations.

In this paper we investigate the stability of the calorimetric behaviour of EDS with a high ionic force, due to the presence of the sodium chloride electrolyte. We measured the excess heats of mixing of EDS with basic solutions, both with and without a high concentration of NaCl, and compared the results. In particular, we explored these concentrations: 0.5 and 1Mmol kg−1). The analysis of the experimental results shows that the calorimetric response of the EDS is stable when they are in a concentrated solution of NaCl. That is of great relevance for the eventual pharmacological action of these solutions, since it involves the interaction with fluids of complex chemical composition and high concentration.