, Volume 35, Issue 3, pp 237-243

Preparation of Titanium Oxide Layer on Silica Glass Substrate with Titanium Naphthenate Precursor

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Nanocrystalline TiO2 thin films on silica glass substrates were prepared by using a naphthenic acid precursor. As-deposited thin films were heat treated at 500, 600, 700 and 800C for 30 min in air. The TiO2 thin films were analyzed by High Resolution X-ray diffraction, ultra violet—visible—near infrared spectrophotometer, field emission—scanning electron microscope and scanning probe microscope. After annealing at 600 and 700C, the XRD patterns consist of only anatase peaks of TiO2 film. Rutile(110) peak begins to appear at an annealing temperature of 800C. Relative high transmittance at visible range was obtained for all films except the film annealed at 800C. Optical band gap, E g , is in the range between 3.53 and 3.78 eV except the TiO2 film annealed at 500C. The best hydrophilicity was achieved with a high-temperature annealing.