, Volume 151, Issue 1-2, pp 424-429
Date: 26 Jan 2008

Studies of Thermal Diffusion in Planar Absorber Designs for the Micro-X Rocket

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We have studied a potential design for a transition-edge sensor (TES) microcalorimeter array for the Micro-X High Resolution Microcalorimeter X-ray Imaging Rocket. Diffusion simulations of a design that places a small TES in the center of the pixel with a large in-plane absorber around the TES demonstrate that with high-quality gold films (RRR >6) 2 eV resolution is attainable in a 700 μm pixel, meeting the Micro-X requirement. X-ray hits directly on the TES, however, create a non-gaussian high energy tail to the device response. This high energy tail contains 5% of incident photons and cannot be removed by lowering the optimal filter bandwidth.