, Volume 21, Issue 2, pp 793-801
Date: 27 Nov 2010

Folate Conjugated CdHgTe Quantum Dots with High Targeting Affinity and Sensitivity for In vivo Early Tumor Diagnosis

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CdHgTe-folate conjugates, acting as novel active-targeting fluorescence probes, were prepared by covalent conjugation of CdHgTe QDs and folic acid. Their characteristics, such as optical spectra, stability and cancer cell targeting were investigated in detail. The fluorescence wavelength of CdHgTe-folate conjugates was 790 nm and a full width at half-maximum (FWHM) of them was 50–70 nm. Their fluorescence stability could satisfy the need of long and continuous fluorescence imaging. The in vivo dynamic bio-distribution of CdHgTe-folate conjugates in S180 tumor beard mouse model was monitored by a NIR imaging system. The resultes indicated that CdHgTe-folate conjugates targeted to tumor effectively. The high fluorescence intensity together with targeting effect makes CdHgTe-folate conjugates promising candidates for imaging, monitoring and early diagnosis of cancer at molecular and cell level.