Journal of Business and Psychology

, Volume 23, Issue 1, pp 37–49

Supervisor Appraisal as the Link Between Family–Work Balance and Contextual Performance


    • Baylor University
  • L. A. Witt
    • University of Houston
  • Suzanne Zivnuska
    • California State University
  • K. Michele Kacmar
    • The University of Alabama
  • Joseph G. Grzywacz
    • Wake Forest University School of Medicine

DOI: 10.1007/s10869-008-9083-z

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Carlson, D.S., Witt, L.A., Zivnuska, S. et al. J Bus Psychol (2008) 23: 37. doi:10.1007/s10869-008-9083-z


We examined the relationship between subordinates’ family to work balance (conflict and enrichment) and two dimensions of contextual performance (interpersonal facilitation and job dedication) reported by supervisors. Beyond the direct effects, we hypothesized that supervisor’s appraisals of employee conflict and enrichment would influence the supervisor’s contextual performance ratings. Data collected from a matched sample of 156 private sector employees and their supervisors indicated that the supervisor’s performance ratings were impacted by the supervisor’s appraisal of enrichment. However, the supervisor’s appraisal of conflict only mattered for interpersonal facilitation. There was a direct effect of subordinate’s conflict on both dimensions of contextual performance.

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