Journal of Behavioral Medicine

, 29:291

The Life Engagement Test: Assessing Purpose in Life


    • Department of PsychologyCarnegie Mellon University
  • Carsten Wrosch
    • Concordia University
  • Andrew Baum
    • University of Pittsburgh
  • Sheldon Cohen
    • Carnegie Mellon University
  • Lynn M. Martire
    • University of Pittsburgh
  • Karen A. Matthews
    • University of Pittsburgh
  • Richard Schulz
    • University of Pittsburgh
  • Bozena Zdaniuk
    • University of Pittsburgh

DOI: 10.1007/s10865-005-9044-1

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Scheier, M.F., Wrosch, C., Baum, A. et al. J Behav Med (2006) 29: 291. doi:10.1007/s10865-005-9044-1

This article describes a 6-item scale, the Life Engagement Test, designed to measure purpose in life, defined in terms of the extent to which a person engages in activities that are personally valued. Psychometric data are presented including information about the scale's factor structure, internal consistency, test-retest reliability, convergent validity, discriminant predictive validity, and norms. The data suggest that the Life Engagement Test is psychometrically sound across different gender, age, and ethnic groups and is appropriate for wider use. Discussion centers on the use of the Life Engagement Test in behavioral medicine and health psychology research and recent associations that have begun to emerge between the scale and health-relevant outcomes.


purpose in lifelife engagementassessmentfactor structurepsychometrics

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