, Volume 24, Issue 2, pp 628-634
Date: 01 Jun 2012

Paper-based nanosilver conductive ink

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Monolayer-protected silver nanoparticles sized 5 nm were directly synthesized in relatively high concentration (0.093 M) in water phase using cheap chemicals. The ink (20 % silver) prepared with the silver nanoparticles was written on sulfuric paper by a facile pen-on-paper paradigm. The effect factors on the formation and conductive mechanism of the nanosilver films from the silver ink were studied, including the microstructure, size evolution and interaction of particles and so on. Results show that the silver nanoink allows for a low sintering temperature and with a relatively high conductivity. The grown particle, increased inter-particle contact area and off dodecanoic acid layer were the three dominating factors responded to the conductivity of the nanosilver films.