Date: 13 Nov 2008

Synthesis of violet light emitting single crystalline ZnO nanorods by using CTAB-assisted hydrothermal method

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ZnO nanorods were grown by cetyl trimethylammonium bromide assisted hydrothermal technique from a single molecular precursor. The phase and structural analysis were carried out by X-ray diffraction technique and Raman spectroscopy, respectively. The phase and structural analysis has suggested that as prepared nanorods have hexagonal wurzite structure. Morphology of the nanorods was investigated by electron microscopy techniques which showed the formation of well dispersed nanorods of 100 ± 10 nm in diameter and 900 ± 100 nm in length. Optical properties were investigated by photoluminescence spectroscopy. As prepared ZnO nanorods have shown intense room temperature photoluminescence peak in the violet region at 403 nm. Absence of defect mediated green luminescence peak suggests the formation of well crystalline ZnO nanorods without any impurities or structural defects.