, Volume 47, Issue 4, pp 1910-1919
Date: 12 Oct 2011

Few-layer nano-graphene structures with large surface areas synthesized on a multifunctional Fe:Mo:MgO catalyst system

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We present the synthesis of nano-graphene structures with large surface areas and high purity over a high-yield Fe:Mo:MgO catalytic system. Two different hydrocarbon sources, acetylene and methane, were used, and their role in determining the size and morphology of the few-layer graphene sheets was studied. In addition, varying the active metal loading of the catalyst system influenced the formation and type of the resulting carbon nano-structures, e.g., carbon nanotubes or few-layer graphene. Growth of nano-graphene sheets was detected after only 5-min reaction time over this multifunctional catalytic system. High purity and crystalline graphene structures were synthesized indicating another advantage of using this particular catalyst system. This catalytic chemical vapor deposition can be scaled up for large-scale few-layer graphene production.