, Volume 43, Issue 18, pp 6099-6104
Date: 04 Sep 2008

Thermal analysis and annealing temperature dependence of electrical properties in Sn10 Sb20 Se70 glassy semiconductor

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The melt-quenched Sn10Sb20Se70 sample in the bulk form was used to prepare films on well-cleaned glass substrates by thermal evaporation method. The activation energy for glass transition (apparent) and crystallization has been analyzed by using the Kissinger formulation. The X-ray diffraction study shows the crystallization of Sb2Se3 phase in the major proportion as compared to the SnSe2 phase. The SEM images film of the show the appearance of spherical globules upon annealing below the glass transition temperature. The effect of annealing temperature on the electrical and optical properties has been studied. A linear fit between ΔE and E o is observed, indicating the validity of Meyer–Neldel rule with the change in the annealing temperature.