, Volume 15, Issue 2, pp 203-207
Date: 09 May 2013

R. Ford Denison: Darwinian agriculture—how understanding evolution can improve agriculture

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One of the main agricultural challenges of the \(21{\mathrm{st}}\) century is how to sustainably meet the world’s increasing demand for food, feed, fuels and fibers. Ford Denison’s Book Darwinian Agriculture aims to contribute to this challenge in an original way. As its subtitle states, the book analyzes and illustrates how understanding evolution can improve agriculture. The author, Ford Denison, is an adjunct professor of ecology, evolution, and behavior at the University of Minnesota. As an agricultural economist by profession, perhaps my own insights are to some extent limited compared to the state of the art of these and the related agronomic disciplines. Nevertheless, Darwinian Agriculture seems to provide important contributions for researchers as well as other experts and stakeholders in fields like agronomy, animal husbandry, breeding, pest control and nutrition. Moreover, this book also provides valuable insights for economists who have an interest in agriculture, ecolog ...