, Volume 34, Issue 10, pp 1845-1864
Date: 29 Aug 2013

Exploratory Characterization of a Perfluoropolyether Oil as a Possible Viscosity Standard at Deepwater Production Conditions of 533 K and 241 MPa

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DuPont’s perfluoropolyether oil Krytox\(^{\textregistered }\) GPL 102 is a promising candidate for the high-temperature, high-pressure Deepwater viscosity standard (DVS). The preferred DVS is a thermally stable liquid that exhibits a viscosity of roughly 20 \(\hbox {mPa} \cdot \hbox {s}\) at 533 K and 241 MPa; a viscosity value representative of light oils found in ultra-deep formations beneath the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico. A windowed rolling-ball viscometer designed by our team is used to determine the Krytox\(^{\textregistered }\) GPL 102 viscosity at pressures to 245 MPa and temperatures of 311 K, 372 K, and 533 K. At 533 K and 243 MPa, the Krytox\(^{\textregistered }\) GPL 102 viscosity is \((27.2 \pm 1.3)\,\hbox {mPa} \cdot \hbox {s}\). The rolling-ball viscometer viscosity results for Krytox\(^{\textregistered }\) GPL 102 are correlated with an empirical 10-parameter surface fitting function that yields an MAPD of 3.9 %. A Couette rheometer is also used to measure the Krytox\(^{\textregistered }\) GPL 102 viscosity, yielding a value of \((26.2 \pm 1)\,\hbox {mPa} \cdot \hbox {s}\) at 533 K and 241 MPa. The results of this exploratory study suggest that Krytox\(^{\textregistered }\, \hbox {GPL}\) 102 is a promising candidate for the DVS, primarily because this fluoroether oil is thermally stable and exhibits a viscosity closer to the targeted value of 20 mPa \(\cdot \) s at 533 K and 241 MPa than any other fluid reported to date. Nonetheless, further studies must be conducted by other researcher groups using various types of viscometers and rheometers on samples of Krytox GPL\(^{\textregistered }\) 102 from the same lot to further establish the properties of Krytox GPL\(^{\textregistered }\) 102.