, Volume 196, Issue 1-3, pp 339-347
Date: 11 Nov 2009

Thermal evolution of the electric field gradient at 181 Ta in α HfNi

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The perturbed angular correlation method has been employed to study the temperature dependence of the 181Ta hyperfine interaction parameters in the polycrystalline intermetallic compound αHfNi. At ambient temperature the frequency of the electric quadrupole interaction was ω Q = 26.0(2) Mrad/s and the asymmetry parameter η = 0.22(1). The magnitude of the observed electric field gradient decreases with increasing temperature from 78 to 900 K. The calculations were done using the augmented plane wave plus local orbitals method as implemented in the WIEN2k code, using the generalized gradient approximation. In addition, a supercell calculation with Ta impurity located at the hafnium site was performed. The obtained result is in a good agreement with the experiment.