, Volume 185, Issue 1-3, pp 133-137
Date: 05 Oct 2008

Synthesis and spectroscopic investigation of iron(III) complexes of N ′-(thioaroyl)pyridine-2-carbohydrazides

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A new series of iron(III) complexes [Fe(L1)(HL1)], [Fe(L1)Cl]; [H2L1 = N′-(2-methoxythiobenzoyl)pyridine-2-carbohydrazide], [Fe(L2)(acac)], [Fe(HL2)2Cl]; [H2L2 = N′-(4-methoxythiobenzoyl)pyridine-2-carbohydrazide] and [Fe(L3) (acac)]; [H2L3 = N′-(2-hydroxythiobenzoyl)pyridine-2-carbohydrazide] were prepared by stirring/refluxing/mixing the respective ligand with FeCl3/Fe(acac)3 in chloroform/methanol. All the compounds were characterized by elemental analyses, magnetic susceptibility, IR, UV and Mössbauer spectral data. The complexes posses high/ low spin state and have tetrahedral/octahedral geometry.