, Volume 172, Issue 1-3, pp 41-43
Date: 06 Jun 2007

Towards a new measurement of the neutron electric dipole moment

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Precision measurements of particle electric dipole moments (EDMs) provide extremely sensitive means to search for non-standard mechanisms of T (or CP) violation. For the neutron EDM, the upper limit has been reduced by eight orders of magnitude in 50 years thereby excluding several CP violation scenarios. We report here on a new effort aiming at improving the neutron EDM limit by two orders of magnitude, down to a level of 3 × 10−28 e·cm. The two central elements of the approach are the use of the higher densities which will be available at the new dedicated spallation UCN source at the Paul Scherrer Institute, and the optimization of the in-vacuum Ramsey resonance technique, with storage chambers at room temperature, to reach new limits of sensitivity.