Power Technology and Engineering

, Volume 45, Issue 6, pp 401–409

Hydraulic and ice-temperature investigations of water-development works under the B. E. Vedeneev All-Russian Scientific-Research Institute of Hydraulic Engineering (VNIIG im. B. E. Vedeneeva)


  • N. S. Bakanovichus
  • A. B. Veksler
  • V. I. Klimovich
  • V. A. Prokof’ev
  • G. A. Sudol’skii
  • I. N. Shatalina
  • A. M. Shvainshtein
Hydrotechnical Construction

DOI: 10.1007/s10749-012-0285-1

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Bakanovichus, N.S., Veksler, A.B., Klimovich, V.I. et al. Power Technol Eng (2012) 45: 401. doi:10.1007/s10749-012-0285-1

This paper is devoted to development of hydraulic and ice-temperature studies from the founding date of the institute to the present. Principle scientific business trends, which are based on the design, construction, and operation of large-scale hydroprojects in the country, are noted.

Key words

hydraulic and ice-temperature investigationsscientific trendsscientific substantiationlayouts of spillway structurescavitationaerationpassage of flowsnonsteady movement of waternumerical algorithmssoftware package FLOW-3D®breach wavesdrifttransportthermal and ice regimes of racesice loadingswater hammerfreeze-up of mechanical equipment

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