, Volume 9, Issue 4, pp 455-478
Date: 11 Oct 2011

Adaptive Executions of Multi-Physics Coupled Applications on Batch Grids

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Long running multi-physics coupled parallel applications have gained prominence in recent years. The high computational requirements and long durations of simulations of these applications necessitate the use of multiple systems of a Grid for execution. In this paper, we have built an adaptive middleware framework for execution of long running multi-physics coupled applications across multiple batch systems of a Grid. Our framework, apart from coordinating the executions of the component jobs of an application on different batch systems, also automatically resubmits the jobs multiple times to the batch queues to continue and sustain long running executions. As the set of active batch systems available for execution changes, our framework performs migration and rescheduling of components using a robust rescheduling decision algorithm. We have used our framework for improving the application throughput of a foremost long running multi-component application for climate modeling, the Community Climate System Model (CCSM). Our real multi-site experiments with CCSM indicate that Grid executions can lead to improved application throughput for climate models.

This work is supported partly by Ministry of Information Technology, India, project ref. no. DIT/R&D/C-DAC/2(10)/2006 DT.30/04/07 and partly by Department of Science and Technology, India, project ref no. SR/S3/EECE/59/2005/8.6.06.