, Volume 13, Issue 3, pp 171-172
Date: 08 Nov 2011

Editorial 39

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The 14th meeting of the International Society for the Philosophy of Chemistry was held in Oxford, a place where one of the founders of the corpuscularian approach to science, Robert Boyle, once plied his trade. One of the papers given at this meeting, by Marina Banchetti-Robino, opens this latest issue. The central claim that she puts forward is that corpuscularian theory does not entail a strictly mechanistic and reductionist account of chemical properties.

Another paper read at the same meeting was by the organizer, Rom Harré, who asks whether explanations in chemistry depend on event causality, à la Hume and Mackie, rather than agent causality.

Questions surrounding phlogiston, caloric and the chemical revolution continue to exercise the minds of scholars in the history and philosophy of chemistry. One of the specialists in this area is Mi Gyung Kim who focuses here on changing notions of “chemical bodies” across the chemical revolution.

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