, Volume 25, Issue 1, pp 19-45

Conversations with Four Highly Productive Educational Psychologists: Patricia Alexander, Richard Mayer, Dale Schunk, and Barry Zimmerman

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This article seeks to answer the questions: Who are the most productive and influential educational psychologists? What factors characterize these educational psychologists? And, what advice might they pass along to budding scholars? To determine the top educational psychologists, we surveyed the membership of Division 15 (Educational Psychology) in the American Psychological Association. The four top scholars were Patricia Alexander, Richard Mayer, Dale Schunk, and Barry Zimmerman. To determine characterizing factors, we used qualitative research methods that uncovered the scholars’ trademark characteristics, influences, time management practices, writing techniques, collaboration patterns, mentoring practices, and other intriguing aspects. Finally, we asked the top scholars what advice they might pass along to budding scholars.