Early Childhood Education Journal

, Volume 39, Issue 5, pp 343–353

Supporting Child Welfare and Parent Involvement in Preschool Programs


    • Loyola University Chicago
  • Leanne Kallemeyn
    • Loyola University Chicago
  • Christine Leow
    • Erikson Institute
  • Marta Lundy
    • Loyola University Chicago
  • Marla Israel
    • Loyola University Chicago

DOI: 10.1007/s10643-011-0471-z

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Hilado, A., Kallemeyn, L., Leow, C. et al. Early Childhood Educ J (2011) 39: 343. doi:10.1007/s10643-011-0471-z


This article discusses the findings from a mixed-method study examining the relationship between social resources and levels of parent involvement in state-funded preschool programs in Illinois. Using survey data from the Illinois Birth to Five Evaluation (n = 843) and interviews with ten preschool administrators who completed the survey, the study found the number of social resources provided by a program was positively associated with levels of parent involvement. The correlation analysis (r = −0.22, p = .0001) and analysis of variance (ANOVA) F(2,708) = 23.19, p = .0001 findings both demonstrated positive relationships wherein high numbers of social resources were associated with higher levels of parent involvement in programs. Administrator interviews confirmed survey findings and suggested additional influences on parent involvement levels and use of social resources in programs. Implications for supporting child welfare and policy recommendations for early childhood programs are provided.


Early childhood programsPreschool programsChild welfareParent involvementSocial supportSocial resources

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