, Volume 45, Issue 5, pp 349-354
Date: 30 Jul 2009

From Prototype to Product: Development of a Primary Care/Internet Based Depression Prevention Intervention for Adolescents (CATCH-IT)

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We describe the prototype to product development process of a low cost, socio-culturally relevant, easily implemented Internet-based depression prevention intervention for adolescents in primary care. The intervention named “Project CATCH-IT” (Competent Adulthood Transition with Cognitive-behavioral, Humanistic and Interpersonal Training) includes an initial motivational interview in primary care to engage the adolescent, fourteen Web-based modules based on behavioral activation, cognitive behavioral and interpersonal psychotherapy which target known risk factors, and a follow-up motivational interview in primary care. This was successfully fielded in a pilot study with 25 adolescents. We know of no other similar interventions developed for the prevention of depression in youth that is potentially universally available at low cost and that utilizes existing systems of healthcare providers.