, Volume 19, Issue 3, pp 275-290
Date: 07 Jan 2011

Mitosis – The story

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Conly Rieder has an established reputation not only as a world leader in research into the mechanisms of mitosis and cell division but also as an extraordinary modern microscopist. The sheer artistry and beauty of his portrayal of chromosomes and mitotic spindles as well as the amazing resolution and clarity of his electron micrographs sets a tough standard for any who aspire to follow in his footsteps. Coupled to these exceptional technical skills, Conly is a keenly logical and critical experimentalist and young people entering the field of cell science can learn a lot from the manner in which he has approached the unknowns of the mitotic cell cycle.

Conly spent the latter half of 2010 working in Bill Earnshaw’s laboratory in Edinburgh, Scotland. His visit coincided with our decision to prepare this Special Issue of Chromosome Research on Mitosis, so we took advantage of the opportunity to spend a couple of hours talking to him with a digital recorder on the table. What follows is a sl ...

Responsible Editors: James Wakefield and Herbert Macgregor
Conly Rieder of the New York State Department of Health, Wadsworth Center, Albany, NY, interviewed at the University of Exeter, UK, by James Wakefield and Herbert Macgregor, October 2010