Boundary-Layer Meteorology

, Volume 118, Issue 2, pp 273-303

First online:

Single-Column Model Intercomparison for a Stably Stratified Atmospheric Boundary Layer

  • J. CuxartAffiliated withDpt. Física, Univ. de les Illes Balears Email author 
  • , A. A. M. HoltslagAffiliated withMeteorology and Air Quality Section, Wageningen University
  • , R. J. BeareAffiliated withMet Office
  • , E. BazileAffiliated withMétéo-France
  • , A. BeljaarsAffiliated withEuropean Centre for Medium-range Weather Forecast
  • , A. ChengAffiliated withNASA Langley Research Center
  • , L. ConanglaAffiliated withDpt. Física Aplicada, Univ. Polit‘ecnica de Catalunya
  • , M. EkAffiliated withNOAA-NCEP
  • , F. FreedmanAffiliated withNOAA-NCEP
    • , R. HamdiAffiliated withIAG G. Lemaître, Université Catholique de Louvain
    • , A. KersteinAffiliated withSandia National Laboratories
    • , H. KitagawaAffiliated withJapan Meteorological Agency
    • , G. LenderinkAffiliated withRoyal Netherlands Met. Institute, KNMI
    • , D. LewellenAffiliated withWest Virginia University
    • , J. MailhotAffiliated withMeteorological Service of Canada
    • , T. MauritsenAffiliated withDpt. Meteorology, Stockholm University
    • , V. PerovAffiliated withSwedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute
    • , G. SchayesAffiliated withIAG G. Lemaître, Université Catholique de Louvain
    • , G-J. SteeneveldAffiliated withMeteorology and Air Quality Section, Wageningen University
    • , G. SvenssonAffiliated withDpt. Meteorology, Stockholm University
    • , P. TaylorAffiliated withYork University
    • , W. WengAffiliated withYork University
    • , S. WunschAffiliated withSandia National Laboratories
    • , K-M. XuAffiliated withNASA Langley Research Center

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The parameterization of the stably stratified atmospheric boundary layer is a difficult issue, having a significant impact on medium-range weather forecasts and climate integrations. To pursue this further, a moderately stratified Arctic case is simulated by nineteen single-column turbulence schemes. Statistics from a large-eddy simulation intercomparison made for the same case by eleven different models are used as a guiding reference. The single-column parameterizations include research and operational schemes from major forecast and climate research centres. Results from first-order schemes, a large number of turbulence kinetic energy closures, and other models were used. There is a large spread in the results; in general, the operational schemes mix over a deeper layer than the research schemes, and the turbulence kinetic energy and other higher-order closures give results closer to the statistics obtained from the large-eddy simulations. The sensitivities of the schemes to the parameters of their turbulence closures are partially explored.


GABLS Intercomparison Mixing coefficients Single-column models Stably stratified flows Turbulence parameterizations