, Volume 13, Issue 3, pp 599-602
Date: 03 Mar 2011

Erratum to: An integrated disposable device for DNA extraction and helicase dependent amplification


In the original manuscript, we reported the demonstration of an integrated microfluidic chip that performed helicase dependent amplification (HDA) on samples containing live bacteria. Bacterial lysis, nucleic acid extraction, and DNA amplification with a fluorescent reporter were incorporated into a disposable polymer cartridge format. We reported that the device was able to detect as few as 10 colony-forming units (CFU) of E. coli in growth medium. While the main conclusions of the original paper remain sound, the data presented in support of those conclusions contained errors that we detail, discuss and correct here. In short, we misidentified a non-specific product as a specific product of our HDA reaction. We incorrectly called reactions containing the non-specific product (length 70 bp) positive. Further investigation demonstrated that our primer set was faulty and not capable of amplifying the specific product. Here we redesigned primers, sequenced all of the products and reran all of the experiments reported previously to generate a new, verified dataset.