, Volume 11, Issue 3, pp 609-614
Date: 09 Jan 2009

Single particle adsorbing transfer system

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Here we present a novel approach for horizontal transfer of single particles after laser microdissection. The developed technique is a single particle adsorbing system for highly selective and gentle horizontal transfer of microdissected fixed and living material. As mediated via low-pressure technology, the transfer process can be precisely controlled, thus facilitating horizontal particle transfer of any isolated material, e.g. tissue material, single cells or chromosomes, in addition to precise positioning for sample release. This collection method allows one to predefine target positions and enables material transfer without contamination to any planar microchip device. This contamination free transfer is indispensable for novel lab-on-a-chip systems performing nanoscale polymerase chain reaction analyses. Using virtual reaction chamber microdevices, small amounts of microdissected material—as little as one single cell—can be directly transmitted and immediately used for single cell analysis.