, Volume 53, Issue 3, pp 565-566
Date: 29 Aug 2013

Preface to BIT 53:3

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In this penultimate number for 2013, we return to the areas most often covered by BIT, with one linear algebra paper, two contributions to approximation and the remaining eight dealing with differential equations, algorithms for time stepping, finite elements and stochastic equations. I expect few of my readers to go through it all, as I do, but it is interesting to see trends in the BIT subplot of the scientific field.

These are the papers:

John Carroll and Eóin O’Callaghan describe an exponential almost Runge-Kutta method, which is exact for a linear system of ordinary differential equations. It involves following values also of derivative approximations, but the advantage is that it is stable as an implicit method. Its behavior is demonstrated on time stepping for two parabolic problems, one Brusselator and one reaction diffusion advection equation.

Stefan Güttel and Leonid Knizhnerman describe a rational Arnoldi method to compute a matrix function applied to a vector. It is applicable ...