, Volume 53, Issue 1, pp 1-2
Date: 05 Mar 2013

Preface to BIT 53:1

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This is the fiftythird volume since the start of BIT, and the eleventh that I have the honor to present to you. We get a healthy number of new contributions from all corners of the World. The papers in this issue have been published on the Springer home page since last Summer and Fall, so many of you are already working on, making new progress on the problems treated here and cultivating new directions.

Let me take this opportunity to say thank you to Per Lötstedt, who has been on our editorial board all since 1999, and made a great share of the work to attract good manuscripts and help authors to keep up the standard of those that get printed. I wish you good luck in your future endeavors, and hope that BIT will continue to be present in the dynamic atmosphere in the Uppsala group of Scientific Computing!

In this issue, we continue to give new contributions to the numerical solution of differential equations, approximation, and linear algebra. One paper by di Pietro et al. may look unfa ...