, Volume 52, Issue 4, pp 797-800
Date: 08 Nov 2012


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Introduction to the contents of issue 52:4

The issue you now have in your hand, or on your screen, shows that BIT is becoming successively more present in the Scientific Computation area. We have three papers that deal with computational solution of magnetohydrodynamical, MHD, problems, and two more contributions of a computational physics flavor.

In the first paper, Lyonell Boulton and Michael Strauss derive certified enclosures for eigenvalues of linear MHD operators, in the practically interesting plane slab and cylindrical pinch configurations. Schur complements are needed for the computation. The position of the essential spectrum makes this more complicated than finding eigenvalue bounds for matrix problems.

A related problem is treated in the paper by Paolo Corti and Siddhartha Mishra who study algorithms for the magnetic induction equations with Hall Effect. These equations are non-linear and include third-order spatial and spatio-temporal mixed derivatives. They develop stable fi ...