, Volume 40, Issue 5, pp 1045-1048
Date: 25 Feb 2011

Problems with Aggregate Data and the Importance of Individual Differences in the Study of Pornography and Sexual Aggression: Comment on Diamond, Jozifkova, and Weiss (2010)

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The influence of pornography on attitudes and behaviors has been a longstanding question that has provoked considerable debate among researchers (Malamuth, Addison, & Koss, 2000; Marshall, 2000). Evidence associating pornography consumption with aggression would be important, not only for public policy and legislation, but in the assessment and treatment of special populations, such as sexual offenders. In this commentary, we briefly discuss the methodologies in which pornography’s putative effects have been examined, with particular note of the aggregate approach employed by Diamond, Jozifkova, and Weiss (2010). We conclude with a brief review of the literature on pornography’s role in affecting negative attitudes and behaviors among certain individuals.

Aggregate-Level Analyses

Investigations examining the putative effects of pornography have employed several different study designs. Some researchers have argued for examining the association between the availability of pornography in a ...