, Volume 20, Issue 3, pp 601-602
Date: 05 Oct 2011

National Research Council (NRC): Nutrient requirements of fish and shrimp

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The previous NRC handbooks covering the nutritional requirements of aquatic animals rapidly achieved the status of standard works of reference, and the same is likely to be the case for Nutrient Requirements of Fish and Shrimp. This new book, which updates and expands upon information given in the 1993 edition, has been put together by a committee of ten well-known aquatic animal nutritionists. Given the length of time that has elapsed since publication of the previous edition, this book is long overdue. The book summarizes current knowledge about nutritional requirements of fish and shrimp (some readers will be more familiar with several species under the name prawns, and some information is also given for other crustaceans). In addition, it provides information about the basic concepts of nutritional research, gives guidelines relating to the design of practical nutritional studies, and introduces some of the basic methods used in such studies.

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