, Volume 18, Issue 3, pp 369-371
Date: 20 Jan 2013

MerCASBA: an updated and refined database of caspase substrates

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To the Editors

In this correspondence, we describe a significant update and expansion of the original CASBAH (CAspase Substrate dataBAse Homepage) created by Luthi and Martin [1]. CASBAH contained both putative (not formally identified in the cited reference(s)) and experimentally confirmed caspase substrates. In MerCASBA (MERck CAspase Substrate dataBAse), we discarded putative entrants and reviewed the literature sources of all other entrants to retain only experimentally confirmed sites. Additionally, minor errors inadvertently introduced in CASBAH, including mistyped substrate sequences, amino acid position numbers, and UNIPROT IDs were corrected. We also added caspase recognition sequences identified in recent papers using unbiased proteomic approaches [2, 3]. Finally, we undertook a comprehensive analysis of scientific literature published since CASBAH to identify novel substrates. The focus on experimentally validated cleavage sites distinguishes this study from other recent work ...

Arthur Fridman, Irene Pak and Brent Butts have contributed equally to this work.