, Volume 90, Issue 1, pp 69-94
Date: 07 Dec 2012

Development of a Low-Reynolds-number k -ω Model for FENE-P Fluids

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A low-Reynolds-number k-ω model for Newtonian fluids has been developed to predict drag reduction of viscoelastic fluids described by the FENE-P model. The model is an extension to viscoelastic fluids of the model for Newtonian fluids developed by Bredberg et al. (Int J Heat Fluid Flow 23:731–743, 2002). The performance of the model was assessed using results from direct numerical simulations for fully developed turbulent channel flow of FENE-P fluids. It should only be used for drag reductions of up to 50 % (low and intermediate drag reductions), because of the limiting assumption of turbulence isotropy leading to an under-prediction of k, but compares favourably with results from k-ε models in the literature based on turbulence isotropy.