, Volume 92, Issue 3, pp 319-330
Date: 21 Mar 2007

Wolinella succinogenes response to ox-bile stress

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The bacterium Wolinella succinogenes is the only known species of its genus. It was first isolated from cow ruminal fluid, and in cattle, it dwells in the reticulum and rumen compartments of the stomach. The global protein response of W. succinogenes to ox-bile was investigated with the aim to understand bile-tolerance mechanisms of the bacterium. Bacteria were grown in liquid media supplemented with different bile concentrations to determine its effects on growth and morphology. Proteomic analyses served to identify 14 proteins whose expression was modulated by the presence of 0.2% bile. Quantitative real-time PCR analyses of the expression of selected genes were employed to obtain independent confirmation of the proteomics data. Proteins differentially expressed revealed metabolic pathways involved in the adaptation of W. succinogenes to bile. The data suggested that bile stress elicited complex physiological responses rather than just specific pathways, and identified proteins previously unknown to be involved in the adaptation of bacteria to bile.