, Volume 17, Issue 5, pp 1683-1687
Date: 02 Feb 2013

Food Insecurity, CD4 Counts, and Incomplete Viral Suppression Among HIV+ Patients from Texas Children’s Hospital: A Pilot Study

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Determine the relationship between food insecurity and CD4 counts and viral suppression among pediatric HIV-positive patients. Food insecurity was assessed by validated survey. CD4 counts and viral load were abstracted from patients’ charts. We used linear regression for the dependent variable of the natural log of CD4 counts and logistic regression for viral suppression, with backward deletion of covariates with p > 0.1. Food insecurity (β = −0.23, 95 % CI [−0.40, −0.01]) was associated with lower CD4 counts and higher odds of incomplete viral suppression (OR = 4.07, 95 % CI [1.02, 13.92]). Food insecurity may adversely impact pediatric HIV outcomes.