, Volume 21, Issue 3-4, pp 241-247
Date: 07 Oct 2005

One-Year pollen and spore calendars of Saudi Arabia Al-Khobar, Abha and Hofuf

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Airborne Pollen grains and Spores of three different cities viz., Al-Khobar (1987–1988), Abha (1991–1992) and Hofuf (1992–1993) in Saudi Arabia were studied using Burkard Volumetric Seven-Day Spore Trap. The data were analyzed in relation to their allergenic capability and one-year pollen and spore calendars were designed to correlate the patients’ symptoms as well as for selection of appropriate allergen extracts for diagnosis and treatment of allergic diseases. Amongst pollen group, Amaranthus viridis, Plantago spp., Chenopodium album, Ricinus communis, Rumex vesicarius, Juniperus spp., Parkinsonia aculeata, Prosopis spp., and Phoenix dactylifera were some of the frequent types. Amongst the fungal spores group Cladosporium, Smuts spores, Colored basidiospores, Alternaria, Ulocladium and Drechslera were the dominant types.