, Volume 11, Issue 1 Supplement, pp 531-536

New Pressure Swing Adsorption Cycles for Carbon Dioxide Sequestration

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A rigorous pressure swing adsorption (PSA) process simulator was used to study a new, high temperature PSA cycle, based on the use of a K-promoted HTlc adsorbent and a simple, 4-step, Skarstrom-type, vacuum swing cycle designed to process a typical stack gas effluent at 575 K containing (in vol%) 15% CO2, 75% N2 and 10% H2O. The effects of the purge-to-feed ratio (γ), cycle step time (t s ) (with all four steps of equal time), and pressure ratio (π T ) on the process performance was studied in terms of the CO2 recovery (R) and enrichment (E) at a constant throughput θ of 14.4 L STP/hr/ kg. R increased with increasing γ and π T and decreasing t s , while E increased with increasing t s and π T and decreasing γ. The highest E of 3.9 was obtained at R = 87% and π T = 12, whereas at R = 100% the highest E of 2.6 was obtained at π T = 12. These results are very encouraging and show the potential of a high temperature PSA cycle for CO2 capture.