, Volume 53, Issue 1, pp 45-48
Date: 25 Jun 2011

Primary simple assays of cellulose-degrading fungi

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Some 25 fungi, including at least 14 basidiomycetes, one ascomycete, and five anamorphic fungi were evaluated for their cellulose-degrading abilities in Difco potato dextrose broth or Difco malt extract broth cultures with cellulosic substrates (e.g., filter paper) in plastic Petri dishes. Among them, Peniophora sp. 06-13 and Phlebia sp. 99-335 reduced the dry weights of the whole cultures with these substrates more than the dry weights of the respective original substrates after 30 days of culture, showing definite cellulose degradation. In the cultures with more than 10 test fungi including Pycnoporus coccineus 84-117, such weight losses did not occur. This assay technique for the primary screening for cellulose degrading fungi is simple, inexpensive, reproducible and accurate.