, Volume 190, Issue 2, pp 247-261
Date: 29 May 2010

Bicomplex hyperfunctions

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In this paper, we consider bicomplex holomorphic functions of several variables in \({{\mathbb B}{\mathbb C}^n}\) .We use the sheaf of these functions to define and study hyperfunctions as their relative 3n-cohomology classes. We show that such hyperfunctions are supported by the Euclidean space \({{\mathbb R}^n}\) within the bicomplex space \({{\mathbb B}{\mathbb C}^n}\), and we construct an abstract Dolbeault complex that provides a fine resolution for the sheaves of bicomplex holomorphic functions. As a corollary, we show how that the bicomplex hyperfunctions can be represented as classes of differential forms of degree 3n − 1.