, Volume 21, Issue 1, pp 83-84
Date: 09 Jan 2014

Core curriculum illustration: cerebral venous thrombosis

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This is the fifth installment of a series that will highlight one case per publication issue from the bank of cases available online as part of the American Society of Emergency Radiology (ASER) educational resources. Our goal is to generate more interest in and use of our online materials. To view more cases online, please visit the ASER Core Curriculum and Recommendations for Study online at http://www.aseronline.org/curriculum/toc.htm.


A 27-year-old woman with history of sinus headaches developed severe headache and nausea 2 days prior to presentation. The headache was sharp, frontal in location, and radiating to the nose and eyes. Initially, she attributed the headache to her sinus disease, but after there was no improvement over 2 days, she presented to the emergency department. She has a past medical history of polycystic ovarian syndrome for which she takes oral contraceptive pills (OCPs).


An initial non-contrast head CT shows high attenuation areas in the region of ...