, Volume 32, Issue 1 Supplement, pp 153-156
Date: 30 Apr 2011

Restless legs syndrome is not associated with migraine with aura: a clinical study

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Based on recent data about the association between restless legs syndrome (RLS) and migraine, we performed an observational study on the occurrence of RLS in patients affected by “pure” migraine with aura (pMA). We recruited 63 patients (33 females and 30 males) affected by MA without other types of primary headache among all patients referred in five Italian headache centers in a 1-year period. The prevalence of RLS in pMA patients (9.5%) is similar to that observed in Italian headache-free subjects (8.3%). No significant differences were found between pMA patients with and without RLS about clinical features of MA attacks and systemic and psychiatric diseases were investigated. Moreover, no association appeared between RLS and familial cases of MA. Differently from migraine without aura, our data do not confirm the existence of an association between RLS and MA, not even when a genetic factor is involved.