The European Physical Journal C - Particles and Fields

, Volume 14, Issue 4, pp 613–631

Measurement of the strange quark forward-backward asymmetry around the Z\(^{0}\) peak


  • The DELPHI Collaboration
  • P. Abreu et al.
    • LIP, IST, FCUL - Av. Elias Garcia, 14-1°, 1000 Lisboa Codex, Portugal
Experimental physics

DOI: 10.1007/s100520000378

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The DELPHI Collaboration & Abreu et al., P. Eur. Phys. J. C (2000) 14: 613. doi:10.1007/s100520000378


A precise measurement of the strange quark forward-backward asymmetry used 3.2M multihadronic events around the Z\(^0\) peak collected by the DELPHI experiment from 1992 to 1995. The ring imaging Cherenkov detectors in the barrel and end-cap regions identify high energy charged kaons which tag the s quark. The s quark asymmetry was measured at different centre-of-mass energies; in particular at the Z\(^0\) pole


taking the expected d and u quark asymmetries from the Standard Model. The quark flavour fractions are assumed from the Standard Model and the fragmentation process is modelled by JETSET. From the s quark pole asymmetry the electroweak mixing angle was determined:


The parity violating coupling of the s quark to the Z was determined to be:


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