, Volume 13, Issue 3, pp 351-353
Date: 27 Jan 2009

Mucocele of the gland of Blandin–Nuhn: histological and clinical findings

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The authors examined the clinical and histopathological features of 48 cases of mucocele of the glands of Blandin–Nuhn. Data of all patients with mucocele treated at the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery totaled 312 cases during the 6-year period of study were analyzed. There was no sex predominance, and most patients were younger than 20 years. All lesions were located on the ventral surface of the tongue, and they were more frequently observed at the tip of the tongue whereas few ones occurred more posteriorly. All lesions presented a polypoid appearance. Histopathologically, the mucoceles were of the extravasation type and trauma might be the most frequent etiological factor. This type of mucocele was the second most frequent one and should not be considered rare.