, Volume 5, Issue 8, pp 346-348

Uncertainties in qualitative testing and analysis

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 Members of the working group at the time of publication are as follows: A Williams (Chairman), S Ellison (Secretary), M Berglund, W Haesselbarth, K Hedegaard, R Kaarls, M Mansson, M Rosslein, R Stephany, A van der Veen, W Wegscheider, H van de Wiel, R Wood. The group includes representatives from other bodies as follows: CITAC: Pan Xiu Rong, M Salit, A Squirrell, K Yasuda., AOAC International: R Johnson, Jung-Keun Lee, D Mowrey. IAEA: P De Regge, A Fajgelj. EA: D Galsworthy. It is presented with a view to developing policy and promoting work on the topic. Comments on the content and the issues raised are invited, and should be addressed to the working group secretary (above).