, Volume 116, Issue 1, pp 105-108
Date: 19 Nov 2008

Reduced serotonergic functioning changes heart rate in ADHD

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Reduced mean heart rate (HR) was shown to be a biophysiological marker for aggression, which in turn was proven to be related to changed serotonergic neurotransmission. A total of 16 ADHD-diagnosed boys were subjected to rapid tryptophan depletion (RTD) and a placebo in a double-blind within-subject crossover-design. Mean HR was assessed under RTD/placebo. Low impulsive patients behaving aggressively under RTD showed a lowered HR under RTD versus placebo. Diminished 5-HT functioning was associated with lowered HR and aggressive behaviour.

Original publication statement: This is an original publication, containing original unpublished work which has not been submitted elsewhere. Aspects of RTD on aggressive and impulsive behavioural aspects have been published elsewhere (Stadler et al. 2008; Zepf et al. 2008a).