, Volume 256, Issue 1-4, pp 147-157
Date: 02 Nov 2005

2C DNA variation and relationships among New World species of the genus Lupinus (Fabaceae)

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The 2C DNA values in 38 species and accessions of the genus Lupinus (Fabaceae) from the New World have been analysed using flow cytometry. They are representatives of North and South American species (the Atlantic and the Andean regions). Estimated 2C DNA values ranged from 1.08 pg in L. pusillus to 2.68 pg in L. albicaulis (both from North America), that is a variation of more than 2.5-fold. The variation for North American lupins was much higher than that for South American ones. Statistical analysis of the data resulted in a grouping that showed for North American lupins some correlation with the length of life cycle. Discussion concerns some aspects of the evolution of the genus.